132 Lilmont Dr.
Pittsburgh, Pa  15218
(412) 728-4222
I have over 20 years experience working with furniture in the New York City area and here in Pittsburgh where I grew up and am continuing my furniture restoration service.

I can repair, touch up and restore furniture no matter what condition it's in. Many times a piece needs some touch up work and a new finish to make it look like new.

I do most of my work in your house eliminating the problem of moving a piece and causing more damage. I also do work in commercial settings.  If your office desks or chairs are in need of some restoration give me a call.  If you have moved recently and if you or your insurance company wants an estimate of damages, I'll give you an estimate from email photos or actual inspection of your damages and supply you with an estimate to send to your insurance company.

* Scratches
* Gouges
* Broken legs
* Loss of stain or finish

Call me today for an appointment.
(412) 728-4222

Eagle Furniture Restoration
Stephen Sarocky, owner


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