We Repair Furniture Wear and Tear

Eagle Furniture Restoration in Pittsburgh, PA can repair, touch up, and restore your furniture no matter what condition it is in. From tiny touch ups in finishing to broken legs on chairs, we return your pieces as if they were brand new. With just a few coats of finish added we can add years to your furniture's life. We Can Repair Furniture Mishaps Including:

Scratches | Gouges | Broken Legs | Loss of Stain Or Finish

Fixing Furniture In Your Home

Most of our furniture repairs are done in your home, which eliminates the problem of moving heavy pieces. This also helps to make sure no more damage occurs until your piece is stable once again. If your wooden furniture has small distortions in the color or finish, we can touch up the piece easily. With the proper color combinations, we can bring your piece back to its original condition.

Solving Company Accidents

Moving client's furniture can result in accidents through stairways, tight corners, and during transport. We can help you make it right by fixing your clients' furniture quickly for you. Our team will come to your aid to provide touch ups and leg repairs to tables and chairs.

Providing Estimates for Customers

When damage is done to your furniture and you do not want to send it to the junk pile give us a call. For any damages done, we can provide you with an estimate of the repairs needed. This is as easy as emailing us photos of your broken furniture and you sending in our estimate to the insurance company.

Commercial Furniture Repairs

Large businesses are filled with desk chairs and office furniture. When these start to wear down from everyday use, it can start to reflect badly on your business. Our team offers repairs on office furniture and heavy duty swivel chairs.