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Expert furniture repair of modern or antique furniture.



 I found Stephen online when searching up for furniture repair stores online, and was able to book an appointment with him for the following week to help increase the structural integrity of an antique piece of furniture, which had some wood lifting and some gaps in the joints.

He was very professional, calling me 30 minutes before our scheduled appointment time, and on time for our appointment. I was actually rather curious about the steps he took, so asked him about them, and he patiently answered my questions, letting me know the rationale behind them.

All in all, he was professional, prompt, and easy to work with. He completed the work efficiently, and I am satisfied with the quality of his repairs. I would absolutely call Stephen again for any other future repairs.   
 I hired Eagle Furniture Restoration to repair a solid cherry dining room table and chairs that had multiple chips and scratches.  Additionally, the table had white marks due to heat damage.  Steve from Eagle Furniture Restoration removed the white marks and fixed the chips and scratches.  I felt the price was reasonable for the work performed.  He arrived on time and was professional.   

I had two antique chairs that were very shaky. I gave them to Stephen to restore them to the original condition. He took them apart, relgued them and restored the finish to its original condition. I was very pleased with the result.

I had two small lamp tables with ceramic pieces inlayed. They were both very loose. Eagle Furniture was able to tighten up the legs and sides and refinish the wood parts. They look great now. Thanks.